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Some unusual new attractions for Prague

From Prague Zoo announcing that it has become the world’s only zoo to breed the tiny spiny-tailed lizard, to Prague Cemetery announcing that they may be the city’s newest visitor attraction, there certainly is plenty to see in the Czech capital.

Prague Zoo, one of the most visited attractions in the city by guests of modern river cruising holidays, has just announced that they have succeeded in breeding this rare lizard with 12 young lizards being hatched, making for an interesting sight for visitors.

Interesting sights

Prague’s interesting architecture and culture-rich history is what normally attracts people to the Czech Republic but there have been some new attractions that have been capturing public interest of late as only last month did Prague Cemeteries Management announce that they may be opening up the city’s largest cemetery to tourists. Olšany Cemetery is now looking to attract both locals and visiting tourists by conducting cultural and social events at the location.

Martin Cervený, the cemetery’s management head has suggested such events as picnics, workshops and even readings from the works of authors that are buried in the cemetery’s 50-hectacres of grounds, where such famous names as Karel Havlícek Borovský and Karel Jaromír Erben are buried. From a celebration of those gone to that of new arrivals, Prague is offering up some interesting sights and events for local residents and those visiting the European city.

With such new and interesting developments in Prague for the city’s visitors, it suggests that the city is looking to produce an even more developed tourism offering on top of the already impressive list of cultural sites and attractions that can be seen on European river cruise itineraries through Prague.

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