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Strong figures for European Tourism in early 2015


According to the latest report published by the European Travel Commission, it shows continued growth in regard to both international arrivals and overnight stays during the first months of 2015. Top performing countries for these attributes included Romania, Hungary and Austria, all of which are popular destinations for European river cruises in 2015.

While tourism from intra-regional markets is tipped to grow during the year ahead, the long-haul markets remain an important source of international arrivals to the continent and will also increase. One market for example, those travelling from the US to Europe, is expected to rise by six percent during 2015. 



Europe is world’s most popular tourism destination

The level of European tourism has enjoyed steady growth over the past few years, helping to cement its status as the world’s most popular tourism destination. To help further promote the appeal of the continent, many European destinations are looking to develop partnerships and cross-border cooperation to ensure unity across tourism organisations.

When speaking about the release of the report, Peter De Wilde, President of the European Travel Commission, said: “As the European Travel Commission, we work together with key industry representatives who share with us a common goal in promoting Europe. We want to be the primary partner of all relevant public and private tourism bodies when it comes to promote travel to Europe”

If you are looking to discover its great appeal for yourself, enjoying an elegant river cruise on the Danube or another of Europe’s esteemed rivers offers the perfect method of doing so.

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