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The Basel Autumn Fair delights again

Held between 26th October and 10th November this year, the fair is popular with all ages, as its wealth of history and tradition makes it one of the most prestigious events in the Basel calendar.

Its 540-year history attracts those visiting Switzerland on European river cruises stopping in Basel as well as those coming to the city specifically for the event. The first fair occurred in 1471, with Keiser Friedrich III allowing it to take place; since this time, the fair has been held annually without fail and is a source of great memories for many locals in the area. The fair is known as the largest combined amusement and trade fair in Switzerland and the Upper Rhine region and attracts people from all over, with approximately one million visitors every year, both local and from abroad.

The fair is regarded as a must-see for visitors to the city at this time of year, as it is said to epitomise the city and the country’s unique culture. The first day of the fair traditionally takes place on the last Saturday of October and opens with the ringing of the Fair Bell of the Church of Saint Martin at midday.

Attending the fair can also be a great way of seeing the city as it takes place in various venues all over the city, and you can easily travel between these sites via tram or bus. The many artisan and food stalls at the fair attract those on touring holidays and contemporary river cruises, and its traditional carousels create the best photo opportunities.

The large market Petersplatz is popular with many visitors to the fair for its range of traditional goods on offer and this year’s event is to enjoy a renovation, with Exhibition Hall 3 at the Rienhenring opening its gates for the first time in 16 years.

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