Tom Cruise spotted in Vienna

Mission Impossible actor and Hollywood celebrity Tom Cruise, was pictured recently on the balcony of Vienna Opera House while filming the fifth instalment of his popular Mission Impossible series of films. The actor, who is 52, is thought to have been preparing for exciting stunts when he was spotted leaning over the rooftop of the Opera House while wearing a harness and dressed in a smart tuxedo.

The beautiful city of Vienna, well known for its musical influences and stunning architecture, will make a fitting backdrop to this high profile Hollywood blockbuster. A popular choice of destination for those visiting the city on European river cruises, lucky travellers may get a chance to spot landmarks from the film or ever catch a glimpse of the star himself.

Plot details still top secret

While the details of the latest Mission Impossible chapter are being kept strictly under wraps, the sight of Tom Cruise on the roof of the Vienna Opera House and later scaling the building and shimmying down a thin rope has got many excited viewers debating about the stunts of the upcoming film.

Cruise admits that he still performs his own stunts and has tried to do so at every opportunity throughout his career. Talking on the Graham Norton Show last year, he revealed “I’m able to do them (stunts). I’ve trained for 30 years doing things like that.”

Cruise was later spotted scaling the façade of the Opera House while harnessed to co-star Rebecca Ferguson. Of course, many prefer to view the stunning Vienna Opera House from the inside or as part of a sightseeing holiday to the city on a river cruise holiday. With exciting stunts like this to expect, the new Mission Impossible film is sure to be a big hit.

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