Travel writer enjoys the Rhine

As the third largest city in Switzerland, Basel is often visited as a part of Rhine river cruise holidays, where, like Low, guests have the opportunity to travel back to the UK on the Eurostar, via Paris, so ‘it can effectively become two holidays for the price of one’. 

‘Charming side streets, colourful architecture and idyllic promenades’

While Low admits in the article that the city isn’t altogether too car-friendly, there are numerous public transport links and options that make exploring the centre comfortable and effortless. It is these links alongside the ‘charming side streets, colourful architecture and idyllic promenades along the Rhine [that] ensure it is well worth paying a visit.’

For art lovers travelling to Switzerland, the city is quite a treat as ‘art is everywhere you look in Basel,’; from the sculptures sat within the Tinguely Fountain to the wide selection of contemporary works at the Fondation Beyeler, there is beauty and talent everywhere in the city that spans both sides of the prominent river.

Low continued his praise, saying that alongside the extensive art work to see, Basel also boasts a rich history that attracts many visitors, where its architecture stands as a symbolic reference to the city’s past.

A fantastic place to visit at any time of the year for its famed Christmas markets and the Swiss Indoors tennis tournament that saw Roger Federer thrive, the buzz that inhabits Basel seems never diminished.

As a city that spans both sides of the Rhine there is perhaps no better way to see the metropolis than through cruise holidays as guests not only get to arrive in the city by the waterway, but they also get to experience the influence of France and Germany on the city’s architecture, language and cuisine through an experienced tour guide.

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