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TripAdvisor launches new app features

The new features will make the app more user-friendly, particularly for their demographic who often find themselves without data as they travel to all parts of the world.

While most of the best river cruise holiday companies offer freely available Wi-Fi on their cruise ships, there are times whilst exploring cities and remote locations during onshore excursions that travellers may wish to use their TripAdvisor app to find out further information about the area, but are stuck without the internet.

A valuable ‘must have’ tool

The new offline features make it possible for users of the smartphone app to read user reviews, photos and maps throughout the time of their trip without accessing the internet or incurring unsightly data roaming charges. This new functionality makes the app “an even more valuable ‘must have’ tool during your trip” according to senior vice president of global product at TripAdvisor, Adam Medros, in this article.

The new feature allows users to download the content they wish to use during their trip whilst they have an internet connection and then go back to access it at a later date, automatically transitioning between online and offline mode.

Currently the feature includes over 300 city maps worldwide, which is a great feature for those on summer European river cruises when a few hours of free time are theirs to explore the local area without the help and assistance of one of the ship’s guides. While most of the best river cruise companies will have fully-informed and experienced staff members who are able to provide you with all of the information you may need to further explore your surroundings, the app can offer peace of mind when going off on your own.


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