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Valuable treasures on display at Prague Castle in new exhibition

Showcasing thousands of years of the country’s history, visitors in Prague on deluxe river cruises in Europe will be able to experience the culture and wealth behind the impressive buildings. All artefacts on show are cared for by the National Heritage Institute, and it is hoped the exhibition will allow for the public to realise the importance of the country’s cultural heritage.

Boasting more than 600 of the most important objects to the Czech Republic’s history, the exhibition takes visitors on a journey which consists of ten stages. Opening with the monumental medieval gates of Karlštejn Castle, as walked through by the Holy Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV, the exhibition begins as it means to go on, and promises to fascinate from start to finish.

An insight into the cultural heritage of the Czech Republic

Highlights of the exhibition include an early medieval chronicle, which is the first source of the ancient legends of Forefather Cech and the prophecy of Princess Libuše. Also, those visiting in January will have the opportunity to view an original preserved version of this text from the 13th century, as loaned by the National Archives. It is here that one of the first depictions of Prague Castle is recorded.

Those attending will also be able to view timeless paintings, including medieval portraits, and goldsmith works. The romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha in the early 1800s created pen-and-ink drawings of castle ruins in the Czech Republic, and these will also be on display during the temporary exhibition.

The Castles & Chateaux: Rediscovered and Celebrated exhibition will be accompanied by an audio guide, which includes poetical and musical works, and can be viewed until March 15th 2015.

Image Credit: Yannick Loriot (Flickr.com)

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