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Vienna hosts anniversary exhibition at the Albertina

Those who are planning on coming to the area as part of their next holidays to Austria, or on one of the river cruises Europe has to offer, may already have the impressive museum on their itinerary, but should be sure to visit after 20 September when the extensive exhibit opens to the public.


Matisse was at the head of the group named 'Fauves', so called because critics compared the artists with fauves, the French name for ‘wild beasts’. Together, they created the first avant-garde movement of the 20th Century, Fauvism. The exhibition is set to run until 12 January 2014, so there is little time to waste in admiring the historic art works, which includes 160 by Henri Matisse and other prominent Fauvists.


With its fraught history, the museum is an attraction in itself throughout the year. As European river cruising has become even more popular in recent years, many have taken to visiting Austria’s capital, and the Albertina has welcomed a great number of these visitors since its reopening in 2003 after reconstruction following the Allied bombing of the building in 1945. It holds one of the largest print rooms in the world, with around 65,000 drawings and 1 million old master prints, in addition to a selection of photographs, architectural drawings and contemporary graphic works.


‘Matisse and the Fauves’ will exhibit the works of André Derain, Georges Rouault, Albert Marquet, Robert Delauney and Maurice Vlaminck alongside Matisse, providing great examples of the powerful brush strokes used in this movement. The display of expression in this art collection will undoubtedly be a must-see for all visiting the city this autumn and winter, intriguing art enthusiasts and those with a general interest in Vienna and the Albertina alike.


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