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Vienna voted world's most reputable city

In the survey conducted by the Reputation Institute, more than 19,000 respondents were asked to rate cities on a number of varying factors, such as economy, government and environment. Those taking part were from G8 countries and were asked to only comment on cities that they knew. The list aims to help evaluate the cities that are best known to travellers and tourists, leaving off more populous cities like Lagos and replacing them with smaller well-known cities such as Copenhagen.

The managing partner of the RI, Fernando Prado, stated that he thought the most important attributes out of the 13 that were considered by respondents were the beauty of the city and whether the city was deemed safe. The questionnaire also asked about experiences such as food and entertainment, and if influential celebrities, such as artists and scientists, lived in the city.

Europe dominates the most reputable city list

Of the twelve European cities included in the top 15, Munich, Brussels and Amsterdam also featured, and are cities which can be visited during deluxe river cruises in Europe. In 2012, Amsterdam was sitting in 41st place, but has now shot up to be featured at number 14. This follows the earlier announcement that the city placed 11th in the Mercer’s Quality of Living rankings, with Vienna once again topping the list. This is the fourth list produced by the RI, and this year has seen Paris climb from number 22 to 15.

Mexico City and Moscow were deemed to have the worst reputations by the survey, with Bogota in Columbia ranking near the bottom of the list, despite having a lower crime rate than Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. It is thought that the media played a large part in a number of decisions, with film, TV and press thought to have had an influence on people’s opinions.

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