Paris in 48 hours

Xavier Veilhan exhibition heading for Paris and New York

The French artist lives and works in Paris, and has previously exhibited works at the Château de Versailles in France. This time round, his works will be presented at the Galerie Perrotin, which also has a location in New York, and will be the seventh time the artist has collaborated with the gallery to showcase his artwork.

Xavier Veilhan is primarily known for his impressive sculptures and a selection of these can be seen at his exhibition in Paris, alongside new works exhibited on a hybrid piece of furniture. Those in Paris on luxury European river cruises can visit the gallery, and view part of his collection of music ‘Producers’, which are also on show in New York. These include famous people in the music industry such as Brian Eno, Pharrell Williams, Giorgio Moroder and Quincy Jones.

Expressing music through figurative sculptures

More recent pieces dedicated to Xavier Veilhan’s musical performance, which was earlier presented at New York’s Florence Gould Hall as part of the ‘Crossing Lines Festival’, can also be seen, giving further insight into his views on our aural world.

The exhibitions, both named ‘Music’, explore the auditory environment around us with visual translations and representations. Using his visual artworks, he reminds the viewer that our lives are ‘suffused with sounds of our own design’, as described in an article by Yareah Magazine. The message portrayed through his artworks has been summed up as ‘sometimes in order to listen, it helps to see’, although this has been left open to interpretation for the many visitors who are likely to view the exhibitions.

Both exhibitions will be on show until 11th April 2015, with the Paris instalment opening to the public on 7th March.

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