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Giving guests even more opportunities to enjoy unique experiences through the most beautiful regions of Europe, Emerald Waterways are proud to announce that 17 new EmeraldACTIVE excursions will be added to our itineraries from 2018. Let us take you through what will be on offer.


Earlier this spring, Emerald Waterways welcomed three new fleet members to the waters of Europe, taking the total roster of ships to seven. Maintaining Emerald Waterways’ high standards of luxurious passage through the most beautiful stretches of the continent, the three ships have already delighted hundreds of passengers. 


The splendour of the Douro, one of the Iberian Peninsula’s major rivers, flows from northern-central Spain to Porto, where its storied wine region and World Heritage status makes it a river cruise destination steeped in history and grandeur. For those unfamiliar with the Douro’s majestic locations, we present 10 awe-inspiring photographs that highlight this wonderful region.


Positioned on the Portuguese border at the confluence of the rivers Douro and Águeda, the small Spanish port town of Vega de Terron is a popular passageway to the ancient university city, Salamanca.


Sleepily meandering between vineyard-lined banks, the River Douro explores a part of the world blessed with astonishing beauty. 


One of the oldest cities in Europe, Porto’s unique food scene has evolved over a couple of Millennia, drawing upon time-honoured techniques and distinct flavours beloved by the locals. Porto’s position between the sea and lush agricultural land provides the city with an abundance of fresh fish, meat, vegetables and fruit – giving the resident chefs plenty of delicious produce to create delightful dishes.  


Locally known as Oporto (translating to The Port in the native tongue); Portugal’s second city was the birthplace of the nation, growing from a tiny settlement around the water mouth. First settled by the Celtics around 300BC, Porto remains one of Europe’s oldest cities – with the historic centre recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.

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