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The art, culture and heritage of Europe’s capital cities is a huge draw for visitors. The likes of Paris and Barcelona draw millions of travellers every year to explore the famous streets and experience the much-loved sights. Join us as we take a journey of discovery to some of Europe’s most beautiful overlooked cities. 


Travelling through France is never complete without sampling the culinary delights on offer throughout the country. Fine dining, finer wines and a cheese selection of which dreams are made, few cuisines around the world can better that of the French.


Lyon, with its bistros, bouchons and boulangeries, may be known as the food capital of the world, but there’s another area in which the city is renowned, and that’s in its silk weaving heritage.


Cézanne, Picasso, Van Gogh, Matisse, Renoir and many more drew on the rich golden light and dramatic shadows of what Cézanne called his "promised land" as influences for their work. 


The Provence region of south-eastern France, on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, remains distinct from the nation it has been a part of for half a millennium. With their own cultural and linguistic identity, the Provençal people are hugely proud of the region and their heritage. 

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