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Sail along the magical Douro

Our Secrets of the Douro river cruise takes you on an unforgettable journey through the picturesque northern stretches of beautiful Portugal. The roundtrip from the ancient city of Porto slowly curves around the dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape of the Douro Valley, with seemingly endless rows of peaceful vineyards gazing down over the water. 

Visit tiny villages and family-owned wineries, steeped in tradition, which produce some of the world’s finest and best-loved fortified wines. The famous port wine of the Douro Valley has been grown and produced here for centuries, and has helped to cultivate the most delightful of landscapes.

As the Douro ebbs towards the Spanish border, you’ll be given the chance to continue your journey onto Salamanca, Spain’s golden city. The glow of the ancient sandstone buildings of Salamanca welcomes you to one of the continent’s most beguiling settlements, which contain some of the continent’s finest examples of medieval architecture. 

  • Explore traditional wineries and sample the finest port wines
  • Experience villages and cultures seemingly untouched and untroubled by the outside world
  • Relax and watch the world go by on the Emerald Radiance’s beautiful Sun Deck
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Explore Famous Port-Producing Vineyards and UNESCO World Heritage Cities

Portugal Douro



The relaxed beauty of Portugal’s Douro river belies a rich history, which boasts cultural intrigue and historical significance. Traditional wineries have long enriched this beautiful part of the world, helping to shape local culture and drive Portugal’s economy. To this day, traditional methods and small-batch production reign supreme, with the delightful family-owned vineyards honouring centuries-old techniques. As part of an Emerald Waterways river cruise, you’ll have the chance to explore this wine-making history.

Visit Salamanca as part of a river cruise through the beautiful Douro, and experience the beautiful delights of an ancient city. A guided tour through the grand squares and medieval buildings of this old Roman city is packed full of intrigue and interest. 

Enjoy Portugal’s Charming Capital, Lisbon



Portugal’s stylish capital, Lisbon, is the perfect place for relaxed exploration, with charming streets criss-crossing its squares and plazas. Traditional shops, restaurants, bars and cafés line the cobbled streets of Lisbon, welcoming you with rustic cooking, warming spirits and ornate, hand-made souvenirs.

With monasteries, castles and museums aplenty to explore, a few days in Lisbon is a wonderful addition to a river cruise in Portugal. One of the city’s most special experiences arrives as the sun begins to set. Lisbon locals have a taste for ginjinha, a liqueur containing infused ginja berries. Small hole-in-the-wall ‘A Ginjinha’ bars specialise in serving short measures of the drink for the locals who will slowly make their way around the city from one A Ginjinha to the next, sipping the sweet liqueur and taking in the grandeur of the city.  

Portugal luxury cruises


Cruise the Doruo in 2017


Take to the Douro in 2017 on our brand new Secrets of the Douro river cruise. Navigate a path through Portugal's enchanting countryside on a new customer-built Star-Ship.

Our Emerald Waterways cabin was truly a home from home, well fitted and spacious. There was plenty of storage and we enjoyed the views our cabin’s enormous windows offered.

Mr Burnip

The Emerald Dawn is lavishly appointed, and tastefully modern. The cabin's balcony is a wonderful addition, which really added an extra dimension to our Emerald Waterways river cruise.

Jess Partridge

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