Our commitment to Sustainability and The Environment

Safeguarding the future, now

Emerald Waterways take guests to some of the world’s most enchanting destinations, providing them with memories that will last a lifetime – memories that we also want to safeguard so that future generations can enjoy, too.

The preservation of the destinations we visit, for future generations, can be seen through our extensive environmental and sustainability initiatives. As we aim for the maximum impact on our guests from the wonder of our itineraries, we equally aim for minimal impact locally in each destination.  

Emerald Waterways fleet of Star-Ships

Sophisticated hull design and analysis ensure low resistance with optimized hull form and appendage design. In combination with structural optimization and reduced weight result in top-class design in terms of energy efficiency.  

Complete set of energy saving design features are installed on-board all Star-Ships:

- Power management system that optimize the work of generators and electricity production. 

- Using LED lighting throughout the ships, lowering electrical consumption. 

- Advanced heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) control systems

- Energy saving high-glazed glass used in the ships reduces heat transfer and provides natural lighting

*All of the above energy efficiency design features reduce fuel consumption and air emissions.

Advanced wastewater purification systems have also been introduced in the ships to treat all grey and black water and restore it to close to drinking water quality. Protecting rivers from pollution. 

State-of-the-art solution for reduction noise and vibration are implemented on all Star-Ships:

- Main engines and azimuth propulsion unit will be mounted on special vibration and noise reducing foundations

- Innovative air cushion system “Silent mod” are used for additional reduction of noise and vibration

- The complete aft section is mounted on flexible damping mounts, to also reduce noise and vibration