Videos: Our Star-Ships

Honouring the beauty of some of the world’s most aesthetically-stimulating waterways, each member of our fleet has been carefully designed to complement the flow of the rivers we sail.

To help you get a better idea of what it’s like to sail Europe’s majestic waterways by river cruise, we have created a selection of short videos for you to explore life on-board our award-winning ships.

Ready to find out what sets Emerald Waterways apart from the competition? You don’t have to look far. From our unique heated pool, which turns into a cinema by night, to the larger than normal suites, with their innovative drop down windows, discover why so many guests are returning from a fantastic holiday. At Emerald Waterways, we are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences.

That’s why every element of our Star-Ships’ design has been carefully planned to enhance your river cruise experience. With this level of attention to detail, it’s no wonder that we’ve picked up so many top industry awards since our launch in 2013.

Take a peek inside our cabins, restaurants and spa facilities by watching the videos below.

Introducing Emerald Radiance

Emerald Radiance

Douro, Portugal
New in 2017, Emerald Radiance navigates the beautiful Douro, giving guests the chance to enjoy the famous Portuguese climate and the beautiful vineyard-strewn panoramas. Emerald Radiance boasts extensive, exceptional open-air public spaces.
Introducing Emerald Liberté

Emerald Liberté

Rhône, Saône; France
Specially commissioned to sail the Rhône and Saône, Emerald Liberté is one of three Star-Ships added to the Emerald Waterways fleet in 2017. With a series of cutting-edge amenities, Emerald Liberté represents the next generation of river cruising.
Introducing Emerald Sky, Star, Sun, Dawn & Destiny

Meet the fleet

Rhine, Main, Danube, Moselle; Europe
Navigating the rivers Rhine, Main, Danube and Moselle; the identical sister ships Emerald Star, Sky, Sun, Dawn and Destiny can guide you through some of Europe’s most magical stretches of water and the continent’s many enchanting destinations.