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Extra-special excursions

An authentic insight into European life

The EmeraldPLUS experience takes you right to the heart of the culture of each destination. Helping you experience what day-to-day life is like for the locals. These authentic adventures seek to avoid typical tourist hotspots, so you can be sure that your experiences are unlike any others.

This might come in the form of an invitation to afternoon tea with a Slovakian family in their home during your time in Bratislava, a traditional German cooking presentation in the Black Forest, or an enchanting guided tour around the stunning Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands, which sees 32 hectares of brightly-coloured tulips blanket the magnificent land.

We believe it’s these special touches that make a river cruise with Emerald Waterways stand out from the crowd and our expert tour guides are specially chosen to impart their local knowledge and help you understand each place you visit that bit better.



Visit a local Slovakian family

During a visit to Bratislava we take you to visit the home of a Slovakian family for afternoon tea. This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet the locals, discover more about their life and sample a couple of local delicacies.

Keukenhof Gardens

We also suprise and delight nature lovers during a beautiful tour around the enchanting grounds of Keukenhof Gardens, where around 32 hectares of brightly coloured tulips blanket the magical greens.


Enhance your river cruise with EmeraldPLUS


Emerald Plus is the name we like to give to our experiences that go beyond the usual tourist highlights and really open your eyes to European culture.