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River and City Guides

A Guide To Some of the Amazing Destinations Emerald Waterways Visit..

Exploring the world’s most beautiful water routes and waterside cities, an Emerald Waterways cruise provides a feast of cultural experiences and jaw-dropping panoramic views.

We want every single one of our guests to get the absolute maximum from an Emerald Waterways experience, so we have added digestible guides to the cities and waterways our ships explore.
From the cultural sights you simply must visit to the culinary experiences which will live with you forever – our guides are designed to help you immerse yourself in local life and the local culture. Incorporating our extensive experience touring the world’s beautiful waterways with local knowledge, every single one of the guides is packed to the gunwales with info you can use before and during an Emerald Waterways cruise. 

 Providing you with background and history, our river and city guides detail how settlers first made their discovery of then unknown lands. Drawing on interesting historical occurrences, we trace the roots of modern-day culture and local traditions.

But it’s not all history lessons, here we’ll discuss where to visit during your trip so that you get the very best from your Emerald Waterways experience. These digestible insights into what you can expect will ensure you don’t miss a thing. From UNESCO Heritage-Listed buildings to culinary experiences that are sure to inspire foodies around the world. Look forward to immersing yourself in local life and culture as we cast a light on our favourite destinations and lesser-known gems.  

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Explore Europe with Emerald Waterways

Explore Europe with Emerald Waterways


Experience what it's like to sail through the heart of some of Europe's most iconic destinations on an award-winning river cruise.
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